Weranda Weddings is a team of experienced Wedding Planners and  Wedding Consultants, who can make every wedding dream come true.We have a considerable and diverse practice in organizing wedding ceremonies. For many years we have been working with reliable sub-contractors and business partners, so we really don’t have things that we can’t do.

Our priority is the peace and satisfaction of the Wedding couple and their families, so we care about clear and transparent communication, clarify all doubts and explain decisions at every stage of organization.

We also organize international weddings. Our team speaks fluently in English and Spanish.

Thanks to the wide portfolio of the wedding halls and companies we are working with, the comprehensive implementation of any celebration is not a problem for us.

However, if you need our support only at a specific stage of ceremony organization or just a wedding consultation, we will obviously share our knowledge with you.

Let's meet!

Daria Burda

Daria Burda
General Wedding Planner

I coordinate Team Wedding Planners.I try to infect everyone with my optimism, which helps to solve wedding challenges. I am lucky to have wonderful people in the wedding industry, with whom I create unforgettable memories for you!

Mail: d.burda@werandaweddings.com

Marta Noszczyńska
Wedding Consultant

I love small wedding ceremonies because they have their own unique, personal and family atmosphere. I am also familiar with organizing family celebrations: birthdays or anniversaries.

Email: m.noszczynska@werandaweddings.com

Maria Illukowicz-Żywanowska
Wedding Consultant

At Weranda, I make young couples' dreams of beautiful weddings and receptions come true. In my work I like to listen to your stories, which helps us to build that day together.

Email: m.illukowicz-zywanowska@werandaweddings.com

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