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Excellent cuisine and positive atmosphere have been our core values for over 15 years. Weranda Restaurants offer a world of delicious flavours served with extraordinary aesthetic sensations. All our interiors are famous for omnipresent greenery and meticulously designed decorations. It is what turn out to be an excellent distraction while you wait for freshly prepared delicacies.




Weranda Caffe

Tiny, cosy and relaxing – the cafe’s charming interiors will transport you to a veranda of a country cottage. Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of Stary Rynek.

Zielona Weranda

A quaint restaurant filled with extraordinary decorations with a delightfully green magical garden.
An ideal place for respite in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Weranda Lunch & Wine

The atmosphere of a bustling New York-style
restaurant located in the Old Brewery – a beautiful and dynamic centre for art and business.

Weranda Catering & Events

Events tailor-made: decor, music, bar and, most importantly, great food.

Weranda Take Away

Carefree summer vibes and chilling with a laid back beat in the background. Positive energy spreading all over the Old Brewery park.

Weranda Deli & Gifts
Our delicacies with preserves and jams made according to our original recipes. 100% homemade, 100% natural. 

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Refined taste and class

among unique decor


In tune with nature


Our restaurants are famous for their decor. The interiors of Weranda Restaurants undergo metamorphoses several times a year, together with the changing seasons. In spring our interiors explode with greenery, freshness and flowers in bloom. In summer and autumn they become immersed in sunny warmth and earthy hues, while in winter they wrap up in crisp fluffy whites.

See how Weranda changes:


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